When the Legends Play


If you’ve ever spun into a singing square at NEFFA when the room spontaneously breaks out singing the chorus On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine, you know how it feels to dance to Tony Parkes’ calling. And if you’ve heard David Kaynor’s fiddle harmonies, or sat in with one of his all-comers bands, you know how much it means that he is coming back to play for us.

On Saturday, December 14, we’re looking forward to a night of high energy and laughter. Tony Parkes will come from Boston to call and David Kaynor will join George Wilson on fiddle and Selma Kaplan on keyboard at the new North Berkshire Community Dance, from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. at the Williamstown Community Preschool.

Tony Parkes has taught contra and traditional dances and singing squares across New England for more than 50 years. He has taught and led workshops across the country.

David Kaynor runs dances in Greenfield and Montague and performs up and down the coast, and over the years he has encouraged hundreds of people to pick up a fiddle or a guitar and thousands to get up and dance.

George Wilson has performed throughout New York state and New England since the 1970s with a rhythmic energy influenced by Cape Breton and French Canadian music.

Beginners are warmly welcome, and experienced dancers will find the group lively, especially later in the evening. NBCD will also hold a snack potluck halfway through the dance, and everyone is welcome. (The school is a no-nuts zone, but dancers may bring cookies, cheese and crackers, apples, popcorn …)

NBCD will also hold its annual meeting briefly at the break to vote in the board for 2020. If YOU might like to be on the board, or if you’d like to know more, please email us (dance@northberkshiredance.org).

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