Tune List for Open Band – May 13, 2023

We’re having an open band (all welcome!) for our Saturday, May 13th dance. Here’s a set list provided by Susan Conger, for those who like to feel prepared. Source notes below the list.

Proof of vaccination required for all. Masks required while dancing; musicians may go maskless while playing *if* they’ve had a negative rapid Covid test that day.

Coleraine (Am) / Hundred Pipers (A)
Sarah’s Jig (D) / Old Favorite (G)
Road to Lisdoonvarna (Em) / Off She Goes (D)
Kesh Jig (G) / Fair Jenny’s Jig (D)
The Moon and Seven Stars (D) / Star Above the Garter (G)

Chorus Jig (D/G) / Dancing Bear (Em)
Scollay’s Reel (Em) / Far From Home (G)
Whiskey Before Breakfast (D) / Hollow Poplar (G)
Reel Semeur (D) [in PC2] / Reel Saint-Antoine (A)
Spotted Pony (D) / Shove That Pig’s Foot (G)
Spootiskerry (G) / Old Grey Cat (Em)
Red Haired Boy (A) / Growling Old Man and Grumbling Old Woman (Am/A)
St Anne’s Reel (D) / Shenandoah Falls (A)

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (D) / Jamie Allen (G)
Mari’s Wedding (G) / March of St. Timothy (G)

Pays de Haut (D)
La Bastringue (D) (if for the dance La Bastringue!)

Planxty Fanny Power (G)
The Ash Grove (G)

With two exceptions, these tunes can all be found in the Portland Collection, volume 1, or the New England Fiddler’s Repertoire, or the Waltz Book, volume 1. The exceptions, Dancing Bear, and Spotted Pony, should be fairly easy to pick up by ear as well as with the links in this sentence.